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List of Graduation Theses - Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Hagedorn


  Kim Edou Putting Food Waste Back on the Table. An institutional analysis of food redistribution as a waste management (M.Sc.) 
  Mark Larson Factors that Contribute to Renewable Energy Adoption: A Case-study of Woody Biomass in Germany and Florida (M.Sc.)

Abgeschlossene Graduierungsarbeiten

  Wilhelm-Tobias Rinke

From protected areas to the cities downstream – Awareness of ecosystem services provided by protected areas and intact ecosystems including the exemplary case of the Amazon basin (M.Sc.)

  Svetlana Zhak Institutional preconditions for dichotomy of farming in pork production: case of Tyumen province in Russia (M.Sc.)
  Daniel Schau Interactions between Institutional Change and Societal Metabolism in the Bavarian Hops Growing Sector: an ecological economic Analysis of material end energetic inputs to German Hops production with a focus on the Bavarian Hallertau (M.Sc.)
  David Wigand Krau Wildlife Reserve: Contesting institutions to sustain large mammals in Malaysia (M.Sc.)
  Caron Pomp Transition processes, natural resource management and impacts on livelihoods: A case study of energy management in Burma (M.Sc.)
  Strahinja Savic Examing why illegal landfills are being used in Titel Municipality, Serbia, and why do "informal shadow" institutions that regulate waste management exist and are they leading to illigal landfills using New Institutional Economic theory (M.Sc.)
  Fanny Sass Effectiveness of Sustainable Land Management Projects. The Case of Kakamega County, Western Kenya (M.Sc.)
  Magdalena Gack

Natural Resource Conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Land and Belonging from Historico-Institutional Perspective (M.Sc.)

  Nahleen Lemke Comparison of sustainability assessment concepts of agricultural land use systems, applied at the farm level and to the goals of nature protection concerns in the Schorfheide-Chorin and Spreewald Biosphere reserve, Germany (M.Sc.)
  Anna-Lotta Krüger Institutional analysis of the river management plan "Masterplan Ems 2050" (M.Sc.)
  Matthias Daun The relevance of certification schemes in Germany’s food sector: the case of the palm oil supply chain (M.Sc.)

Paula Andrea Pinete Reynaud

Gender analysis applied to the study of forest management and conservation under common property regimes in the Biosphere Reserve of Los Tuxtlas, Mexico (M.Sc.)


Jennifer Hartl

An institutional analysis of the carbon offset initiative “Monte Pascoal-Pau Brasil ecological corridor” using the IoS: an application of Georgescu-Roegen’s flow-fund theory to the study of institutional change (M.Sc.)


Mercy Kimawu Ukinu Nange Luzolo

Women’s access to land in rural Anglophone Cameroon: insights from two case studies (M.Sc.)

  Julian Granados Energy Transition to Renewable Energies in Colombia (M.Sc.)
  Dafina Syka An application of Design Principles in a water scarce setting: the case of Madaba, Jordan (M.Sc.)
  Luis Fernando Amaya Food security and agriculture interventions
as a tool to strengthen collective action
and resilience of subsistence farmers:
Revision of a Case Study in Colombia (and probably Malawi, but not yet defined) (M.Sc.)
  Frederike Fokken The water-energy-nutrient nexus – transactions and modes of organisation within socio-ecological-technical systems – the case of the “Braunschweiger Modell” (M.Sc.)
  Junxia Su The Actors, drivers and incentives of German-Chinese cooperation – the case of “Energy Efficiency” in buildings (M.Sc.)
  Edward Ott Understanding the complexity of fish-stocking decision making in German recreational fishing organizations (M.Sc.)
  Benedikt Ibele
Experiments on common pool resources: a tool for policy evaluation in water governance systems? Empirical evidence from Central and Western Asia (M.Sc.)
  Mattia Mancini On the Regulation of Genetic Pollution: Transaction Costs and Alternative Assignment of Property Rights (M.Sc.)
  Irid Bufi The challenges of privatizing utilities: The case of Albanian electricity sector (M.Sc.)
  Sohrab Yazdanmehr

Water Scarcity and Agriculture: Water-use policies and Issues in Khuzestan, Iran (M.Sc.)

  Claudia Stephanie Coral Guerra Integration of smallholder farmers into agribusiness value chains under restrictive markets: The case of the Littoral-Mahafaly plateau transect in south-western Madagascar (M.Sc.)
  Srijna Jha Nepal: Water-Energy Nexus - Energy Supply Gaps and Institutional Performance in the face of Uncertainty: The case of Kulekhani I (M.Sc.)
  Rebecka Ridder Costs and Benefits of the Restoration of Degraded Pastures. Two Case Studies in Jalalabad Region, Southern Kyrgyzstan. (M.Sc.)
  Marie-Luise Steiner Institutions of sustainable palm oil production from a smallholder’s perspective in Indonesia (M.Sc.)
  Kerstin Maaß Economic Field Experiments Beyond Numbers: Insights from Andhra Pradesh, India (M.Sc.)
  Isabelle Bleeser The Convivência com o Semi-árido Model as an Example of Government - Civil Society Cooperation for Sustainable Development - An Institutional Analysis (M.Sc.)
  Franziska Kohler

Bottom-up approaches for tackling the energy crisis in India - governance models for off-grid solar water pumps in the agricultural sector of Andhra Pradesh (M.Sc.)

  Ramona Bunkus The relation between scientific insights and politically desired outcomes in implementation processes of European Water Framework Directive. Case study at river basin Wupper with the use of scale theory. (M.Sc.)

Anke Siebert

Determinants of Institutional Change in Surface Water Management – The case of Osmansagar and Himayatsagar Reservoirs in Hyderabad, India
  Claudia Schonter Institutional Analysis of River Pollution Abatement – The Santiago River in Mexico (M.Sc.)
  Janine Unger Institutional Analysis of the Urban Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Services of Ukraine and Mongolia
  Jens Bischoff Community wind power in Japan: politics, potential, practices and prospects. Local Initiatives in the Akita Prefecture (M.Sc.)
2012 Wiebke Hampel Land Management in Mountainous Areas from an Institutional Perspective – the Regole in the Belluno (M.Sc.)
  Helena Stadtmüller Energy Poverty in Serbia: Addressing Low-Income Households in the Energy Sector Development (M.Sc.)
  Anna Kropina Institutional factors behind the decline of fish stocks in Russian coastal fisheries: property rights perspective (M.Sc.)
  Margitta Mina Effects of Power Resources on Producer Marketing Behaviour: An Institutional Perspective on the Cocoa Market in Sierra Leone (M.Sc.)
  Lena Priesemann The Role and Integration of Agrobiodiversity into Livelihood Strategies in Ecuador: Identifying patterns in its Utilisation by Local Communities in the Area of La Maná, Ecuador (M.Sc.)
Anna Kienappel In-Wert-Setzung von Ökosystemleistungen der Wälder institutionelle Lösungen mit Schwerpunkt auf periphere Regionen Brandenburgs (M.Sc.)
  Jeronimo Rodriguez Groundwater Management in National Park 'Doñana' (M.Sc.)
Johannes Herweg Economic Incentives towards Sustainable Forest Management: An Institutional Analysis of the Implementation of the new Native Forest Law in Chile (M.Sc.)
2011 Andrea Bues Institutions of water regulation in the context of land use change, the case of the Blue Nile Basin in Ethiopia (M.Sc.)
  Teresa Kraus Traditional fruit tree meadows as production integrated compensation measures in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania: Bridging link between nature conservation and agriculture? (M.Sc.)
  Karl Bär Wassernutzung in Saudi-Arabien (B.Sc.)
  Jan Erler Co-Management in the Municipal Conservation Area Aguajal-Renacal del Alto Majo, Northern Peru (M.Sc.)
  Kanchan Joshi Is Nepal Ready for REDD+? An Analysis of Institutional Preconditions and Implications for Further Research (M.Sc.)
  Juan Qiao Land Compensation of Urban and Rural Construction Land in China (M.Sc.)
  Thomas Sedlin Agricultural Extension Services in Taihu Lake Watershed, Jiangsu Province/ P.R. China – Institutions to face Non-Point Source Pollution of a Common-pool Resource (M.Sc.)
  Xiaoxi Wang An Institutional Analysis of Water Governance in the Qiyi Irrigation District, North China (M.Sc.)
  Matheus Zanella Why do Farmers Join Payment for Environmental Services (PES) Schemes? An Assessment of PES-Water Project Participation in Brazil (M.Sc.)
2010 Nataly Juerges Effects of transaction costs in small-scale CDM-projects and options for institutional change (M.Sc.)
Claudia Kimmich Assessment of sustainability in value chains of agricultural products.(M.Sc.)
Klodian Rama Property Rights in Post-Communist Albania (M.Sc.)
Fodè Dramé Decentralisation of Forest Management in Senegal.Community-based Forest management in the rural community of Missirah (M.Sc.)
Elise Grubits Water demand scenario for the upcoming Mega City of  Hyderabad (India) - A qualitative study on changing water consumption  patterns among urban middle classes from an institutional perspective. (M.Sc.)
2009 Lars Berger Attributes and mechanisms in land-use decisions within rural societies in South West China. (M.Sc.)
Margarita Mora Making Conservation Agreement Work: a case study in northwestern Ecuador (M.Sc.) Zweitgutachter Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Hagedorn
Lenka Fikarova Forest use conflicts in Slovakia. An institutional analysis (M.Sc.)
Liza Meza The Role of Informal Institutions in the Provision of Services To Rural Communities in South Coast, Guatemala (M.Sc.) Zweitgutachter Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Hagedorn
Saikumar Bharamappanavara C The performance of microcredit organization – a Comparitive perspective (M.Sc.) Zweitgutachter Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Hagedorn
Cosmas Kombat Lambini Forest Conflicts influence on local people livelihoods: A case study of conflicts between timber operators and farmers in the off-reserve forest of the Mankaso District of Ghana (M.Sc.)
Enrique Medina Building mechanisms to transact ecosystem services. The case of Yasuni-ITT initiative (M.Sc.)
Claas Meyer Integrated Coastal Zone and River Basin Management from a New Institutional Economics Perspective – Case Study in the Odra Catchment Area (M.Sc.)
Anne Hackenberger The Contribution of Forests to Rural Livelihoods and its Potentials and Risk for Poverty Alleviation in the Ecuadorian Amazon (M.Sc.) Zweitgutachter Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Hagedorn
Oscar Schmidt Challenges to collective action in a transitional Commons. An institutional analysis of local fishery at Lake Ohrid, Albania (M.Sc.)
Anja Techen Determinants of farmers’ compliance with the Nitrates Directive in Märkisch-Oderland – an exemplary analysis in the light of institutional compatibility assessment (M.Sc.)
2008 Anna-Maika Schulze Land Privatization in Mongolia the Law on Allocation of Land to Mongolian Citizens for Ownership (M.Sc.)
Johannes Rupp The Institutional Dimension of Tree Growing Activites/Agroforestry Practices: An Attempt to Integrate Snallholder Farmers in international Carbon Markets in Western Kenya (M.Sc.)
Robert Krause Das institutionelle Arrangement der Weidenutzung in Madruschkat – Tajikistan (M.Sc.)
Chay Kongkruy Water Resources Management in Cambodia. Case Study of Institution for Water Management of Stund Chinit Irrigation Reservoir (M.Sc.)
Edward Vandevivere Payments for Environmental Services in Watersheds: An Explorative Case Study in Tai Lake Basin, East China (M.Sc.)
Elias Rebai Institutional Arrangements’ Influence on Farmers’ Choices in Adopting more Environmentally Friendly Management Practices – Case of Lake Tai, Eastern China (M.Sc.)
Christoph Nolte Property Rights and Payments for Watershed Services from Forests in China: An Exploratory Case Study of Beijing’s Miyun Reservoir (M.Sc.)
Nondh Nuchmorn Hybrid Governance of Food Supply Chain in the High-Risk Environment: Case Study of Contract Cage Tilapia Culture in Chi River Basin, Thailand (M.Sc.)
Paul Ndayishimiye Auswirkungen der institutionellen Transformation der chinesischen Landwirtschaft auf die Agrar¬struktur - Das Beispiel der Provinz Zhejiang der VR China (Diplom)
2007 _ _ _ _ (M.Sc.)
Lennart Mohr Institutions for Sustainable Projects – host Countries’ Designs under the Clean Development Mechanism (Diplom)
Felix Theopold Factors Determining the Diffusion of Renewable Energy Technologies: Anaerobic Digestion in the UK Brewing Industry (M.Sc.)
Nicola Große Koordination und Kooperation beim Anbau von Bt-Mais in Brandenburg (M.Sc.)
Claudia Ballesteros Ocampo Analysis of the Effect of Decentralization on the Responsiveness to Local Preferences in Rural Municipalities of Bolivia (M.Sc.)
Nury Rossana Disegni Gili “Chile Emprende” Program in Maule Sur: An Analysis of Performance of the Public and Private Councils
Shah Faisal Institutional Analysis of Participatory Development Projects: A Literature Review (M.Sc.)
Shigeo Watanabe The Prospects for Installing Access to Genetic Resource and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Framework; Problems and Solutions with Institutional Analysis in Ethiopian Coffee Forest (M.Sc.)
Abdul Hamid Khan The Impact of Transformation on Socio-Economic Functioning of Agricultural Cooperatives in Rural Areas of Slovakia (M.Sc.)
Elmy Nahida Othman Institutional Implications of Introducing Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) in Project Planning: the Case of Thermal Treatment of Solid Waste in Malaysia (M.Sc.)
Emma Estela Saavedra Serrano The Impact of International Cooperation on Rural Producer Organizations: Case Study of a Dairy Associaton in Bolivia (M.Sc.)
Mario Alberto Aráuz Torres Institutions and Forest Management in Northern Nicaragua: The Case of Rules in Use Regarding the Current Forest Use in Nueva Segovia (M.Sc.)
Prakashan Chellatan Veettil Institutions of Land Property Rights and its Influence on Rural Livelihood: An Analysis of Indigenous People in Western Ghant Region of Kerala, India (M.Sc.)
2006 Ilka Lindt The Economic Impact of Desertification in the Topar-Rayon, Kazakhstan – an Assessment of Use Values (M.Sc.)
Sanjay Kumar Verma An Institutional Study of Farmer Managed Irrigation System of Nepal: Meta-Analytical Approach (M.Sc.)
Nataliya Stupak Institutional Changes in Post-socialist Societies: The Case of Land Reform in Ukraine (M.Sc.)
Amare Hagos Adhena Property Rights and Issues of Land Policy in Ethiopia (M.Sc.)
Andrew Chipongo Economic Value of Wate in Agricultural Production. Case Study of the Kafue Flats, Zambia (M.Sc.)
Iven Schad Umweltverträglicher Intensivgemüsebau in Nordchina – eine akteurszentrierte Betrachtung der Anreizsysteme zur Übernahme integrierter Anbaustrategien (IPM) (M.Sc.)
Sören Bronsert Institutionelle Probleme der Kommunalabgabepolitik – am Beispiel der Grundwasserabgabe in Hessen (Diplom)
2005 Johanna Braack The WFD – Institutional Change in the Transboundary Management of the River Elbe (M.Sc.)
Adelheid Becker Die Integration der Landwirtschaft in das Europäische Emissionshandelssystem (M.Sc.)
Sonja Bartelt How does Mother Nature corrupt? Towards an institutional analysis of corruption, natural resources and growth (M.Sc.)
Lena Schätzlein Agrarumweltprogramme in Brandenburg. Eine Fallstudie zum Wirkungspotential von Agrarumweltmaßnahmen am Beispiel des Biosphärenreservats Schorfheide-Chorin (Diplom)
Kristina Schälicke Potenziale und Perspektiven erneuerbarer Energien: Energie aus Biomasse, dargestellt am Beispiel Holz und Raps (B.Sc.)
Christian Kimmich Kooperative Ansätze zur Schaffung von Arbeitsplätzen und Beschäftigungssicherung – eine Fallstudie (B.Sc.)
Alexander Grajdankin Privatisierung und Umstrukturierung der landwirtschaftlichen Betriebe in Russland aus der Sicht der Neuen Institutionenökonomie – das Beispiel der Entstehung großer Agriholdings als regionale Monopolisten (M.Sc.)
Jenny Walther-Thoß Bausteine endogener ländlicher Entwicklung in Deutschland am Beispiel von „Regionen aktiv – Land gestaltet Zukunft“ (M.Sc.)
Wibke Crewett Property Rights to Land in Eastern Highlands of Ethiopia. History, Debate and Implementation of the “Oromia Regional Land Use and Administration Proclamation of 2002“ (M.Sc.)
Alexander Perez Carmona Conflicts, Power and Environmental Institutions. The Case of Social Unrest on Palawan (Philippines) due Mining External Effects (M.Sc.)
Katrin Seidel Institutional Change of Indigenous Tenure Systems and the Challenge of their Recognition in Cambodia (M.Sc.)
Hannes Mesecke Unternehmensbewertung von Agrargenossenschaften (M.Sc.)
Simone Richter Kooperationsmodelle im Gewässerschutz. Vertragliche Vereinbarungen zwischen Wasserversorgern und Landwirtschaft – ein “Modernes Umweltpolitisches Steuerkonzept”? (Diplom)
2004 Meike Lechler Wie beeinflussen die institutionellen Rahmenbedingungen die Entwicklung des ökologischen Landbaus in Polen? (Diplom)
Birgit Zander Evaluierung der Agrarumweltprogramme des KULAP-Brandenburg auf der Basis vorhandener Daten des Flächen­monitoring im Biosphärenreservat Spreewald (Diplom)
Isabel Aust Eine institutionen­ökonomische Betrachtung des Schutzgebietsmanagements in Zentralamerika am Beispiels des Nationalparks Cerro Hoya in Panama (Diplom)
Hannes Mesecke Rechtsformwechsel von Agrargenossenschaften aus Sicht der Neuen Institutionenökonomik (Diplom)
Clara Hoffmann Diversification as a Risk Reducing Strategy (B.Sc.)
C. Philipp Riedel

Strategien zur nachhaltigen Intensivierung der ländlichen Wirtschaft in (Ost)EuropaStrategies for Enterprise Development and Sustainable Intensification in CEE countries (M.Sc.)

Franziska Steffen Der Tauschring als Organisation im Lichte der Neuen Institutionenökonomik - eine theoretische Analyse (Diplom)
Andrej Sarnatzky Property Reform in Ukraine – the analysis of agricultural ownership transformation (M.Sc.)
2003 Corinna Schmidt Die Europäische Genossenschaft (SCE) im ländlichen Genossenschaftssektor: Versuch einer Bewertung der Brauchbarkeit des europäischen Genossenschaftsstatuts für ländliche Genossenschaften (Diplom)
Katharina Rauchenecker Jagd und Wildtiermanagement. Eine Literaturübersicht unter Anwen­dung des Konzepts ‚Institutionen der Nachhaltigkeit‘ (M.Sc.)
Katharina Winkel Agrarumweltmaßnahmen als institutionelle und kognitive Herausforderungen für die Beitrittsländer auf ihrem Weg in die EU (Magisterarbeit)
2002 Silja Tiemann Bodenschutz durch Information? - Die Bedeutung der Institution Bodenmonitoring für eine nachhaltige Bodennutzung in Osteuropa - Das Fallbeispiel Lettland vor dem Hintergrund des EU-Beitrittprozesses (Diplom)
Christiane Ratschow Die Integration von Umweltbelangen in die Agrarpolitik der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Diplom)
Jan Sommer The Price of Change – Building Implementation Structures for SAPARD in CEECs (Diplom)
Kerstin Stelmacher Nachhaltige Entwicklung „VorOrt?“ Eine qualitative Untersuchung zum Nachhaltigkeitsziel im Berliner Quartiersmana­gement (Diplom)
Jennifer L. Wagner A New Institutional Economics Perspective of the Cooperative-Corporation Question: Case Study of Dakota Growers Pasta Company (M.Sc.)
Srinivasa Reddy Srigiri Equity and Poverty Issues in Watershed Development Projects in India: A Case Study of Impact Assessment on Landless and Marginal Farmers (M.Sc.)
2001 Stefan Jungcurt In situ-Conservation of Crop Genetic Resources in the Context of Economic Development and Globalization (M.Sc.)
Annette Hurrelmann Land Markets in Economic Theory. A Review of the Literature and Proposals for Further Research (Diplom)
Tobias Leiber How to Prepare Rural Areas and Agriculture for Accession? - SAPARD in the Context of EU Policies and the Polish Preparation for EU Membership (Diplom)
2000 Carsten Berg Ökonomische Globalisierung, materielles Wirtschaftswachstum und ökologische Nachhaltigkeit – Mögliche Herausforderungen an Politik und Gesellschaft in Deutschland (Diplom)
1999 Dirk Mettel Ermittlung der Zahlungsbereitschaft der Berliner Bevölkerung für den nutzungsunabhängigen Wert einer vom Aussterben bedrohten Pflanzenart (Diplom)
Steffen Sörgel Betriebswirtschaftliche Analyse einer Agrargenossenschaft mit der einer Kombination von landwirtschaftlicher und gewerblicher Tätigkeit (Diplom)
Andreas Marschner International Trade and the Environment. An Empirical Investigation of the Pollution Heaven Hypothesis Using Foreign Direct Investment (Diplom)
Katja Schindler Umweltgerechte Abwasserentsorgung in Marokko (Diplom)
Antje Neumann Empirische Untersuchung der Bereitschaft zum kollektiven Handeln im Agrarumweltbereich als ein Ansatz zur Lösung regionaler Umweltprobleme im ländlichen Raum (Diplom)
1998 Jörg Eggers Planung und Management einer situationsgerechten Nacherntetechnologie für Reis. Ein Mechanisierungsbeispiel im Tiefland Boliviens (Diplom)
Christiane Otto Die Umsetzung der lokalen Agenda 21 in ländlichen Gebieten; dargestellt an einer Gemeinde in Hessen (Diplom)

Jana Hanusch

Yvonne Stengl

Analyse der obligatorischen und fakultativen Funktionen eines Genossenschaftsverbandes, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Gründungs- und Pflichtprüfungen sowie der Beratungsaufgaben, dargestellt an Beispielen des Genossenschaftsverbandes Berlin-Hannover e.V. (Diplom)
Werner Prystav Maßnahmen zu den umweltgerechten und natürlichen Lebensraum schützenden landwirtschaftlichen Produktions­verfahren – Verordnung (EWG) (Diplom)
Jana Gebauer Belastung der Umweltmedien durch die Landwirtschaft und ihre Beeinflußbarkeit im Rahmen des Agrarfördersystems (Diplom)
Matthias Karkuschke Ressourcen, Abfall und Entropie – eine neo-österreichische Analyse (Diplom)
Katja Hintzsche Honorierung ökologischer Leistungen der Landwirtschaft am Beispiel des Ökopunkteprogramms Niederösterreich (Diplom)
1996 Thorsten Brunzema

Umweltschutz im FöderalismusDie ökonomische Operationalisierung des Subsidiaritätsprinzips für ausgewählte Güter des Agrarbereichs (Diplom)

Jeanette Bacha Qualifikation und Berufseinstieg von Diplomagraringenieuren aus Berlin der Jahre 1992 - 1995 (Diplom)
Andreas Schulze

Der ökonomische Wert des ArtenschutzesKonzepte zur monetären Bewertung des Nutzens von Arten und Artenvielfalt (Diplom)

Markus Hanisch
Die Privatisierung landwirtschaftlicher Flächen im TransformationsprozessBulgariens Bodenreform aus Sicht der Politischen Ökonomie (Diplom)
Andreas Kutschke Politische Ökonomie der Protektion im estnischen Agrarsektor (Diplom)