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  • Workshop on Urban Climate Action, November 9-11, 2022: The International Workshop on Urban Climate Action “Climate Governance in Cities: Archetypes, networks and knowledge sharing for local climate action”, a collaboration of the Resource Economics Group (Humboldt University of Berlin) and the Urban Sustainability Transformation Research Group (Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space), took place on November 9-11. Practitioners, academics, and representatives of transnational municipal networks were invited to reflect on the science and practice of scaling up climate action and its replicability, and to discuss challenges and opportunities for cities in navigating both greenhouse gas emissions reductions and vulnerability to climate impacts. 15/11/2022
  • Studie: Folgen des Klimawandels: Müssen Infrastrukturen künftig wirklich robuster gestaltet werden? Eine neue Studie der Arbeitsgruppe Ressourcenökonomik an der Humboldt-Universität zeigt, dass es kostengünstiger sein kann, sich im Klimawandel für verletzlichere Infrastrukturen zu entscheiden. Pressemitteilung. 10/11/2022
  • New Publication: Eisenack, Klaus, und Marius Paschen. „Adapting Long-Lived Investments under Climate Change Uncertainty“. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 116 (1. Oktober 2022): 102743.
  • New Publication: Hagen, A., & Schneider, J. (2022). Small climate clubs should not use trade sanctions. Energy Research & Social Science, 92, 102777. 06/09/2022
  • Two Master Theses from the Resource Economics Group awarded with the Albrecht-Daniel-Thaer-Förderpreis 2021: Every year, the Förderverein of the Thaer Institute awards prizes to students with excellent theses. This year, two former INRM students, Annelie Gütte and Lukas Berger, received a prize for their master theses “The Role of Relational and Cognitive Social Capital in Environmental Collective Action” and “Climate Policy, Health Policy and Age – A multidimensional political economy analysis economy analysis under the concept of Party Unanimity Nash Equilibrium”, respectively. Both theses were supervised at the Resource Economics Group and were evaluated with the highest score (“Excellent” or “1.0”). 07/07/2022
  • Angelika von Dulong at 21. Journées Louis-André Gérard-Varet in Marseille On June 7th 2022: On June 7th 2022, Angelika von Dulong gave a presentation at the 21st Journées Louis-André Gérard-Varet in Marseille on climate policies, asset stranding, and financial systemic risks. 21/06/2022
  • International Workshop on Archetype Analysis in Greifswald: The 5th International Workshop on Archetype Analysis was held at the University of Greifswald on May 18-20. The workshop strengthens the network of researchers applying the archetype approach in sustainability research, including original research and methodological developments. It stimulates new research ideas and collaborations. This time, interesting and in-depth discussions took place on linking archetypes to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs), as well as discussions on themes that have emerged at previous workshops, including issues of causality in archetypes analysis, dynamic archetypes and archetypes and the science-policy-society interface. 25/05/2022
  • FoReSee-Workshop May 9-10 successfully in presence ...: The final workshop of the project FoReSee, a collaboration of the Resource Economics Group with DIW and ifo-Institute, brought together latest research and findings on the effects of climate change and climate policy on asset stranding in the fossil resource sector. Researchers from Berlin and abroad presented their research and Stéphane Hallegatte (Worldbank) gave a keynote speech on asset stranding in theory and practice. 17/05/2022

  • Anastasia Gotgelf - Information governance for sustainable development ... Article in "Environmental Science and Policy": Gotgelf, A. (2022) Information governance for sustainable development: Exploring social dilemmas in data provision for international reporting on Land Degradation Neutrality, Environmental Science & Policy 135: 128-136. 16/05/2022
  • Die Möglichkeiten des Spiels - Klaus Eisenack im Podcast der HU: Humboldt Hören Folge 27: „Die Möglichkeiten des Spiels“. Ein Gespräch der Radiojournalistin Cora Knoblauch mit dem HU-Professor Klaus Eisenack und dem Leiter vom Thomas Lilge über Gaming in der Wissenschaft, Gamification und die Kulturtechniken im Spiel. 20/01/2022

  • Wenn die Kohle nichts mehr wert ist: Angelika Vogt und Achim Hagen zum Thema Finanzmärkte und Klimapolitik. Angelika Vogt und Achim berichten aus dem Projekt FoReSee: Fossil Resource markets and climate policy: Stranded assets, Expectations and the political Economy of climate change im Rahmen der Humboldts17-Expeditionen: Wenn die Kohle nichts mehr wert ist. Expedition: Finanzmärkte und Klimapolitik 20/01/2022

  • Workshop FoReSee „Stranded assets in the fossil resource sector“: 9.-10.5.2022, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin)