Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Agrifood Chain Management

Modules in Summer Semester

Bachelor Modules

Business Administration of Trade and Services
Basic business methods, concepts and instruments of selected areas of trade and service of the agribusiness and hortibusiness.
Basics of trade business administration (location decisions, procurement, assortment policy, payment and price policy, sales room design, cooperation and ECR, online trade, merchandise management); basics of service business administration (categories, dimensions, sales functions, management); trade and service calculation; trade and services in agribusiness and hortibusiness; basics of project management; introduction to critical path method and MS Project.
Mandatory module: B.Sc. Agricultural Sciences and B.Sc. Horticultural Science
Lecturer: Dr. Dagmar Schiewer


Accounting in Agriculture and Horticulture
Methodical basis for data collection of entrepreneurial facts and their purpose-oriented processing as a basis for business analyses and models
Fundamentals, tasks and systems of accounting; accounting variables and subsystems; business accounting and the special features in the agricultural sector; account management; annual financial statements taking into account the BMEL annual financial statements; income statement and profit determination procedures in agriculture and horticulture; turnover tax in agricultural and horticultural enterprises; business accounting (cost and activity accounting e.g. operating branch accounting) in agriculture and horticulture,
Mandatory module: B.Sc. Agricultural Sciences and B.Sc. Horticultural Science
Lecturer: Dr. Dagmar Schiewer



Introduction to agricultural economics
Basic methods, concepts and instruments of agricultural and horticultural business administration
Introduction to economics; business terms and categories; basic financial mathematics; production and cost theory; investment and financing; introduction to managerial accounting and controlling; production and crop planning; basic agricultural marketing; introduction to human resources and labor management; introduction to project management and network planning techniques
Mandatory module: B.Sc. Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences (with and without teacher training option) HU Berlin
Mandatory module: B.Sc. Agricultural and Horticultural Science/Landscape Design (teaching profession) TU Berlin
Lecturer: Dr. Dagmar Schiewer



Basics of Agricultural Marketing
Fundamentals, concepts and decision fields of agricultural marketing; theoretical approaches and methods of decision support.
The course deals with different theoretical approaches as well as methods of decision support. Furthermore, different distribution systems in agriculture and horticulture as well as their actors, institutions and processes are dealt with. For this purpose, the behavior and processes of consumers, companies and competitors are considered as a basis for market research. The participants learn about different decision areas in marketing (product, price, communication and distribution policy) and gain insights into current approaches to supply chain management in agriculture and horticulture.                                                              
Mandatory module: B.Sc. Agrar-und Gartenbauwissenschaften HU Berlin
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Dagmar Mithöfer