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EU and South-Korean Rural Development and Agricultural Economics (EKAFREE)

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Comparative Master of Science - Double Degree - in

EU and South-Korean Rural Development and Agricultural Economics (EKAFREE)

The master course for future experts in rural development & food economics

The EKAFREE double degree master programme is part of the European Commission's Bilateral Cooperation Programme with Industrialised Counties. It offers the opportunity to become an international expert on rural development and agricultural/food economics in its diversity of approaches and applications by studying one academic year in Europe and one academic year in South Korea.
The EKAFREE master programme is a high level academic programme aimed at training top students from Europe and South Korea. It is a 2-year master programme (120 ECTS) organised by 5 European universities: Ghent University (Belgium), Humboldt University Berlin (Germany), Agrocampus Ouest (France), Nitra Agricultural University (Slovakia) and Pisa University (Italy) in joint collaboration with 3 South Korean leading universities in rural development and agricultural economics: Korea University, Seoul National University and Chungbuk National University. The methodology consists of a combination of basic and specialised training in technical, economic and social sciences, a case study of one month and an individual master thesis.
Upon successful completion of the programme, students receive two diipllomas (double degree): 1) the European joint Degree "International Master of Science in Rural Develop-ment", and 2) the South Korean "Master of Arts in Economics".

The EKAFREE exchange programme is funded by the European Commission granting schollarships for the 1-year exchange sttudies in South Korea.

For detailed information visit EKAFREE websiite:

Applications for the winter semester 2016/17 are still accepted until end 31May 2016!